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We at Albion Engineering have made it Our Policy to treat Safety as our number 1 priority when undertaking any project. We currently have in place a Safety Manual which all employees & contractor are encouraged to fully understand and practice all aspects of our safety manual.

Statutory Requirements

Employer and employees are to comply with the provisions of the applicable states health and safety. In particular these acts requires; Employee are to ensure the health and safety and the welfare of their employees: Employees to take reasonable care for the health and safety of others and to co- operate with the employer on the health and safety issues


Albion Engineering stresses the Safety comes with Our Motto THE RIGHT ATTITUDE a positive attitude towards health and safety is important. Albion Engineering do not accept that injuries and illness are just part of the job…..luck has nothing to do with it, most accidents can be avoided. Develop a positive awareness of the situation, conditions and people on the job and if you see something is wrong , fix it or report. Thus all works starts with analyze of Job Safety Analyze (J.S.A) before work starts which highlights the risks and measures must take to limit the risks We have a health and safety committees and representives which requires working area are to comply with its direction and are actively participate in the committees function Are as follows:

  • Safe Working Practise.
  • Safe Working Attitude.
  • Promote the proper use of maintenance of plant and equipment.
  • Promote the prompt reporting of faults directly to the management.