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Our dedicated professionals in the engineering department comprise of estimators, draftsmen, engineers, purchasing and safety officers. Albion has been receiving the services of skilled and experienced project manager, draftsman and estimator in the last six years. We enjoy the company of four latest draftsmen on board. Our Albion draftsmen are computer literate and use latest AutoCAD software in all engineering designs.

Supporting our Engineering team, we have a workforce of highly skilled certified welder who from time to time we bring a trainer from ETRS and/or INTICO in from Brisbane Australia to conduct courses for the re-certification of our welders and to train our most promising up coming welders to a point where they also gain certification. For larger projects we submit pieces to Brisbane for further confirmation that our workforce skills are up to date for that particular project. In our drafting section we have three highly skilled and experienced draftsmen, who carry out all design work for tanks, pipelines & structural projects. We continually train our draftsman on regular basis, this is to ensure that the systems and software used are up to date and is of the highest standard, maintaining Albion’s 100% record of quality and professionalism.