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Albion Engineering Limited is a medium sized 100% locally owned steel fabrication company. We have been in business since 1991 when we identified an opportunity for a specialist welding and fabrication company to supply highly trained welders and boilermakers to the Oil and Petroleum sector, where quality and safety are of prime importance. We mainly concentrate with onsite work and have a workshop at the Malahang Industrial Centre for the off-site fabrication of components to be installed on location. The mainstay of the company is John Rice who has been in PNG since 1982 with NGI Steel and Hornibrook/NGI where he was the Site Manager for most of the time for the oil companies. He was responsible for the successful and timely installation of pipelines and tanks all over PNG including the main 1700 tone fuel storage tank in Kimbe for British Petroleum and 10” wharf line for Mobil Oil in and commissioning of a 2,000 tone tank at Pogera on behalf of Shell, the installation of other tanks, pipelines and complete depots at other locations country wide for all the PNG oil companies.

At our workshop at Malahang we have plate rolling facilities, Hydraulic press, Guillotines and Croppers, various types of Rough Terrain Cranes ranging from 15 to 45 tonne, various sizes of forklifts  ranging from 3 to 15 tonne, MIG and TIG welders, sandblasting and spray-painting facilities as well as all the Arc welding, plate strippers, drills, grinders etc associated with a steel fabrication workshop